Photo Name Status Research Website
Dan Ellis Principal Investigator Signal processing applied to extracting information from sound
Dawen Liang Graduate Research Assistant Bayesian modeling and its application to audio/music and recommendation
Zhuo Chen Graduate Research Assistant Speech enhancement and source separation using Matrix Factorization, Bayesian models, (D/R)Neural Networks, etc.
Colin Raffel Graduate Research Assistant Learning-based approaches for processing audio and music signals
Minshu Zhan Graduate Research Assistant Pattern recognition in musical sounds
Jia-Ming Liu Visiting Researcher Tools for detecting coughs from patient's personal audio recording
Cyril Gaudefroy Visiting Researcher Signal processing applied to music, jazz
Michael Mandel PhD Graduate Source separation, music autotagging, robust human and machine speech recognition
Byung Suk Lee PhD Graduate Noise robust pitch tracking system by Subband Autocorrelation Classification
Thierry Bertin-Mahieux PhD Graduate Large-scale pattern discovery in music audio and metadata collections
Courtenay Cotton PhD Graduate Machine learning to identify and classify sounds in environmental audio and video
Brian McFee Past Member/Visitor Machine learning tools for analyzing multimedia data
Matt McVicar Past Member/Visitor Data-driven appoaches to Music Information Retrieval using web resources
Diego Furtado Silva Past Member/Visitor Algorithms for audio and time series mining