A Python library which includes common tools for low- and high-level signal-based music analysis.
A Python library which makes it easy to create, manipulate, and extract information from MIDI files.
The Music Engineering Art Projects (a collaboration with Columbia's Computer Music Center)
Data-driven Music Understanding
An NSF funded project into mining for structure in music audio
The Listening Machine
An NSF funded project into techniques for separating and recognizing sounds in mixtures
Consumer video classification by soundtrack
Using features from the soundtrack of environmental-type recordings for classification
Separating Speech from Speech Noise
An NSF funded project into signal separation aimed specifically at speech
Music similarity
Including a database of popular music along with a collection of subjective similarity measurements for the artists involved.
Beat tracking and tempo estimation
A simple dynamic programming approach to finding the regularly-spaced events in music audio.
Cover Song Identification
Trying to identify music audio that is based on the same melodic-harmonic content, despite changes in tempo, instrumentation, etc.
Artist Identification by Timbral and Chroma Features
An implementation of a baseline artist ID system, but also trying out chroma features to see if they help.
Chord recognition
Including our submission to the 2008 MIREX Chord Recognition evaluation.
A dataset of 20 artists (1413 tracks) plus a baseline artist identification system
Music melody extraction
Including example data for training and evaluating systems for extracting melody from ensemble music recordings
Polyphonic piano transcription
Including example data for training and evaluating piano transcription systems.
Personal Audio Life Logs
Our project investigating the use of continuous audio recordings of daily life.
Speech recognition
In noisy, overlapped conditions
Music analysis
To recover structure, and to navigate archives
Marine Mammal Sounds
Whales and dolphins in natural environments
Pitch contour stylization
Using drastically simplified pitch contours with almost no effect on perceived naturalness.
A system for separating and localizing mulitple sound sources even in reverberation.
Implementations of a collection of signal distortion measures for characterizing corrupted speech.
Tool to decompose a noisy speech file in to filtered speech component and noise, and to recombine at new SNR.
Tool to visualize timing skew between different audio files via short-time cross-correlation.
Tool to locate "chime" sounds in long soundfiles.
Tool to label "non transmission" (NT) regions in recorded radio signals.
A cut-down version of renoiser that can decompose "over the air" recordings into a filtered version of a clean signal and a noise residual.
Noise-robust pitch detection based on trained classification of subband autocorrelation principal components.